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Check out these videos and books to learn about the Panamanian Suite. This suite is composed by many musicians who write narratives and counter-narratives about jazz history in Panama and the United States.

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Master Classes

Here you will find documentaries and master classes about jazz in Panama

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Check out some of the recommended readings to dig deeper into the Panamanian Suite

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Other Resources

Other recommended master classes and relevant resources

Book Launch at Berklee College of Music (March 4th, 2024). Special guest Global Jazz Womxn. Presentation in English. (Presentación en Inglés)

Panel Discussion Berklee College of Music (March 4th, 2024). Presentation in English. With Ron Savage (Vice-President of Berklee College; Danilo Perez (Founder of Global Jazz Institute); Sindhumathi Revuluri (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, Berklee College of Music); David Carrasco, Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America at Harvard Divinity School with a joint appointment with the Department of Anthropology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University; Yvetter Modestin, Founder and Artistic Director of Encuentro Diaspora Afro in Boston.

Book Launch at Panama Jazz Festival 2024 (1/16/24). Presentation in Spanish. (Presentación en Español)
Guest Panelists: Danilo Perez, Maxine Gordon, Gerardo Maloney, Marixa Lasso.

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