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During the late 1970s, Panamanian musicians particularized a new label for Panamanian jazz: tambo jazz. This signification established the identity of musicians who stayed in Panama and did not necessarily break ties with the region and their unique way of playing jazz. These musicians were bilingual in English and Spanish, as well as the language of music. They were informed by swing, bebop, calypso, salsa, cumbia, bolero, other Latin rhythms such as tamboritos, other folkloric music of Panama, and folk instruments like the tambor Panameño. Here is an incomplete list of Tambo Jazz Musicians.

Byron Floyd.png

Byron Floyd Lloyd


Chacho de la Rosa,.jpg

Chacho de la Rosa


Victor Boa.jpg

Victor Everton Boa McRae

1925 - 2004

Kelvin Frederick.png

Kelvin Frederick


Sharkey Francis_edited.jpg

"Sharkey" Francis


John Rubber.png

John “Rubber Legs” Makendo


Clarence Martin.jpg

Clarence Martin

1922 - 1980

Rupert Doc.png

Rupert Doc Johnson


Opera Singer

Carol Graves


Armando Boza.jpg

Armando Boza

1911 - 1966

Pipo Navarro_edited.jpg

Ezequiel "Pipo" Navarro

Gerardo Maloney.jpg

Gerardo Maloney (sociologist)


Mario .png

Mario García Hudson  (Researcher)


Luis Carlos Perez_edited.jpg

Luis Carlos Perez


Violeta Green.jpg

Violeta Green

1931 - 2000

Felix Wilkins_edited.jpg

Felix Wilkins

1942 - ?

Barbara Wilson_edited.jpg

Barbara Wilson

1940 - 2005

Leroy Gittens_edited.jpg

Leroy Gittens

1931 - 1992

Roberto Mariette_edited.jpg

Roberto Mariette


Ernesto Crocuh_edited.jpg

Ernesto Crouch



Idania Dowman


Ariel Perez_edited.jpg

Ariel Pérez Price


Eduardo Irving..jpg

Eduardo Irving

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