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The first movement of the Panamanian Suite focuses on the music written about Panama in the United States and Europe between 1880 and 1924. This historical reconstruction via sheet music was assembled over a period of five years, drawn from the special collections of libraries all over the world. The pieces were chosen because they had some relationship to Panama—either Panama was named or depicted in their titles, lyrics, or cover pictures, or the music was placed in a special collection that celebrated Panama. This important name, Panama, signified a country that had immense geographical power and, at the same time, was vulnerable to colonization by the superpowers from the Global North.

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Original Sheet Music

  1. Panama Route Waltz (Arthur F. Maylath, 1880)

  2. Keep Dem Golden Gates Wide Open (James A. Bland, 1880)

  3. Keep Those Golden Gates Wide Open (Joseph Hart, 1884)

  4. The Coon With the Panama (Jim Vaughn and Tom Lemonier, 1902)

  5. Under A Panama (J.B. Mullen with lyrics by Vincent Bryan, 1903)

  6. Panama Rag (C. Seymour, 1905)

  7. In Panama (Max Hoffmann with lyrics by Edward Madden, 1907)

  8. Under The Jungle Moon (Max Hoffmann with lyrics by Edward Madden,1907)

  9. Way Down in Colon Town (Max Hoffman with lyrics by Edward Madden, 1907)

  10. The Man Who Swung a Pick at Panama (Geo. J. Leavitt with lyrics by C.K. Gordon, 1909)

  11. The Eagle Aeroplane (Lulu F. Varney, 1912)

  12. Keep Your Golden Gate Wide Open (Gus Edwards with lyrics by F. B. Silverwood, 1913)

  13. Via Panama (Lawrence Faber, 1913)

  14. Panama Canal March (Will Wood, 1913)

  15. Panama (Raymond Hubbell, 1913)

  16. The Tango Del Maurice (Silvio Hein, 1913)

  17. The Panamala (Gus Edwards, 1913)

  18. Salute to Panama: March and Two-Step (Julius K. Johnson, 1914)

  19. Peggy from Panama (May Hill, 1914)

  20. In Dreamy Panama (Theron C. Bennett, 1914)

  21. California- The Girl I Adore (Theron C. Bennett, 1914)

  22. At The Panama Pacific Fair (Laura Schick King, 1914)

  23. At The Panama Canal (Carl Kohler, 1914)

  24. Where the Oceans Meet in Panama (Harry Jentes with lyrics by Charles. R. McCarron, 1914)

  25. I’ll Take You Back to Panama (Will E. Dulmage with lyrics by Ernest J. Meyers, 1914)

  26. The Pathfinder of Panama (John Philip Sousa, 1915)

  27. Panama Pacific Exposition (Grand March) (L.J. Meyerholtz, 1915)

  28. Panama Waltz (F. Flynn, 1918)

  29. My Sweet Rose of Panama (Arthur Ashworth with lyrics by Joe Mall,1920)

  30. Panama Twilight (Fisher Thompson with lyrics by Wilber D’Lea, 1922)

  31. Those Panama Mamas (are ruining me) (Howard Johnson and Irving M.Bibo, 1924)

Pre-jazz in Panama

While the United States and European powers were creating a Panamanian imaginary, Panamanians were busy creating music! Check out the bands of the pre-jazz era!

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